Monday, November 19, 2007

Everyone Wants to be Found

Lost in Translation (LiT) is an older movie, but not a whole lot of people have seen it. I'm sure alot of people rent it, expecting a comedy then turn it off in the middle because it moves slowly. I was one of those people back in the summer of 2004. Seeing Bill Murray on the cover had me thinking that it would be funny. I ejected it after 30 minutes and put in Super Troopers or American pie instead. My taste in movies have improved since, and I know recognize LiT as one of my favorite movies.

I frequent the message boards on the Internet Movie Database (imdb), and found that some people can relate to it and think it is a beautiful film, a large segment thought it was a sleepwalk, and a small amount claimed the film poked fun at Japanese culture. But, I thought that the backdrop of Tokyo helped me love this movie. It would not have spoken to me if it had been set in Paris, London, New York, or Hickory.

I would love to visit large asian cities someday. I've only been to one so far.

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