Sunday, February 24, 2008

ACUI Regionals

In short, the College bowl team and the rest of the Uncc representatives to ACUI did not perform very well. None of us could cash in on a medal although I heard a few came close to. Back to college bowl, we won our first match then lost the rest of them. We scrambled to find the right lineup but it didn't matter in the end. We played some teams close and got blown out a few times. Our team captain Matt was our leading scorer, with me coming in at 2nd. Personally, I was too slow and indecisive to hit the buzzer. If one was observing, I only rang in when nobody else seemed to know the answer but I also had one penalty the whole game.

Next year, we hope to do better and have a different approach to the tournament. Well, we have to win the campus competition at first, and it's not always given that we would. Back to preparations, I think the captain next year should approach an adviser and get them to coach us. The better teams had advisers and the dismal ones didn't. I believe the top 4 were: Davidson, Virginia Tech, Tennessee at Chattanooga and the winner being Georgetown college. Good luck to those headed to Albuquerque for nationals.

Even though we didn't perform well, I enjoyed Blacksburg. The atmosphere is great and it seems that it has recovered from the shootings of last April. A teammate's girlfriend was nice enough to watch us compete and show us around. She took us to the Memorial and Norris hall, and showed how beautiful their campus is. It makes me jealous that I don't go to school at a 'College town' and that bars don't have UNCC themes. I hope I find a good place to attend Graduate school.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can facebook cost you a job opportunity?

School administrators and campus police have used Facebook to catch under-age drinking and other activities they deem as inappropriate. The primary source of evidence seem to be the tagged photos of users as they seem to have access to students' profiles, whether they are private or not. Whether this is an infringement of rights is another story.

As my friends and I progress through college, I hear concerns about future employers screening applicants' facebook profiles and looking into their private lives. I know of someone who has disabled their pictures in order to not incriminate themselves when they are applying for jobs and/or graduate school. And it seems that employers do look through prospective employees' profiles. And it seems that making your profile private raises red flags.

I do have a problem with school administration and campus police probing through user profiles to catch under-age drinking, etc. But I don't mind if employers do, they need to be able to ensure that they hire employees who have good character. A faculty member from Champlain college advises graduates to clean up their profiles so they present themselves well, and to sign up for a LinkedIn account: a more professional networking site.

I think I'll do that. Just don't tread on me campus police.