Monday, March 31, 2008

Readings and how it applies today.

In my East Asian history class, I am required to read a 500 page book, Wild Swans by Jung Chang. A story of three generations of Chinese women: The author's grandmother, mother and the author. Chang tells the interesting story of her relatives within the context of the social and political upheavals at the time. Her grandmother was a concubine to a warlord, and had bound feet. Her mother meanwhile, was an educated Communist who was a key member of the revolution in their area.

Of course, living in the U.S., I am disgusted by the word Communism, although Chiang Kai-shek was no saint either. This book has given me the first glimpse of what it's like to be an individual member of the communist party. One had to be steadfast in the ideals of the state, prohibited from reading non-Marxist books, and endure hardships in general in order to not be suspected of being "bourgeois."

The list goes on: husband and wife were only to share one night per week, pregnant women were to refuse any additional care, and the purge of traditions.

Wild Swans has been a good read, and I've finished a third of the book in a couple of days. I just can't imagine if Americans were suddenly subjected to communist policies and ideals, as I never realized how intrusive it is. It's hard for me to fathom the conditions of an average North Korean citizen, in one of the most oppressive regimes ever seen.

The U.S. has it's faults, but considering that we have free speech,and access to unbiased news (though you might have to access Reuters or BBC).

Back to Communism, Professor Weeks has stated on his blog that Cuba intends to open golf courses and theorizes that hotels will be created as a bi-product. Maybe one day, we can visit those golf resorts in Cuba and have Elian Gonzalez as our caddy.

Just kidding.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Exports

America takes credit for spreading democracy and capitalism, things that we are characterized by. Well, according to sources, we have spread to our friendly neighbor to the South, Mexico, a very American trait...Obesity. Thanks in part to Fast-food restaurants and soft drinks, diabetes is now a leading cause of death and Mexican subways have become crowded.

America.. FUCK YEA

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Follow up on Anderson Cooper

I mentioned that Tim Ernst and Jacob Pierce, SGA President and Vice Presidential hopefuls and their supporters had campaign signs during the live broadcast of Anderson Cooper 360 on campus last Wednesday. With a solid platform, good credibility and now, national exposure, I would be surprised if they don't win. Although I'm not voting for them, it's hard to say "no" to a ticket that is endorsed by Anderson Cooper.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wrapping up Today

I stayed in tonight, as evidenced by me posting another blog entry. As I posted earlier, I wanted to get ahead on my studies but got halfway through compiling a study sheet before I found out that our softball game was at 6 and not at 8. So I scrambled down to the intramural fields to find that it had been canceled. Our team and opponents showed up and they were also oblivious to the cancellation.

We played a scrimmage instead and I am glad we did. I got my confidence back by getting on base once and completing a routine defensive play. I believe that's all I needed though, a little confidence. It helped that there were less spectators than last time and that we weren't scrimmaging the CLUB BASEBALL TEAM.

Anyway, watched Lost for the first time this season on the television, because I usually miss it and watch it streaming on a special website that I found. It was Michael Dawson centered, and I cannot wait and believe that there won't be new episodes until late April. It has been revealed that Aaron was indeed the sixth person of the Oceanic 6, the passengers that made it out of the island alive. This is going to make a stir in Lost message boards and blogs.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Big names in town

Barack Obama is having a town hall function in Charlotte in about 10 minutes, it was sold out, so I could not go. Following his campaign, Anderson Cooper will make a stop on campus tonight and broadcast his show, Anderson Cooper 360 from UNCC! It starts at 10, and I guess I'm ditching my baseball fantasy draft to watch.

Which makes me less of an American of course. Ditching America's past-time for News and national awareness, how un-American of me.