Monday, June 30, 2008


I was catching up with the usual blogs that I read, and when I finished, I decided to test my fate. There is no telling where the "Next Blog" link will take you. In my past experiences, it has led me to sites that aren't English. Using this button, I've only found one blog that was worth returning to. So, I took a gamble and ended up on this blog. Yes, a whole page with photos of a woman's rear end.

I think the script is Japanese, but I can only imagine that the written content of the site isn't that deep.

Awesome Times at the Crawdads

Ha, I found this tagged photo of Wootie, Lil Wootie, Lawing and myself at the Crawdads game. Good times. Yes, I am doing a remix of the "Craigslist playa" pose. Thirsty Thursday, $1 beers, this Thursday (July 3rd). I'm missing my brother's surprise 16th birthday party for this.

Yes, there were girls present.. just not very many.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


After church, my family went to a Filipino-American function, honoring the graduates of '08. The speaker pointed out how most of the community are "winners". Literally, half the adults present were physicians, and one of the graduates is also going to pursue medicine at Wake Forest. Coupled with Manny Pacquio's victory last night, most attendees, including myself, felt a sense of pride of our people and achievements. Most stereotype Asians as really smart, and I can proudly say that this includes filipinos, after all, I was the biggest slacker present.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


My friends and I have been trying to secure a house to live for the upcoming year. We finally found the perfect place: close to campus, beautiful, and most importantly, cheap. We submitted our application forms, and I've started to get organized with the financing and then we were blindsided. Apparently, the Realtors have decided to put the house for sale. Meaning that if someone were to buy the house, we would get kicked out. So, we are risking time, money and energy in hoping that no one buys the house.

I have the most to lose as my friends move-in during early July, meanwhile I will be in the Philippines and still paying rent. So worst case scenario: We decide to go ahead and sign the lease, I pay for 2 months rent (without ever living in it), and someone purchases the house in the middle of the school year, which would render us homeless, and my parents will never trust me to manage finances any longer.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Today is Will Leitch's last day on Deadspin, the sports blog that he helped create and edit since September 2005. He is leaving his post to become a contributing editor at New York Magazine. His fellow writers have made a funny roast of him on their site, he will be missed.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What Happened to Kevin Love?

I've watched a few of his games at UCLA and was impressed by most of his outings (except vs. Memphis in the Final Four). And the hometown Bobcats are projected to draft him with the #9 overall pick. He's 19 years old but looks 25.

Now I know that teenagers mature differently, but something happened to Kevin Love between his freshman year at UCLA and when this photograph was taken (yes, that's Kevin on the right).
This photo with Duke's Kyle Singler does not specify when it was taken, but it had to have been in early or mid high school. Wow, look at the difference! Singler still looks goofy, but he shaved his head.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Know Your Geography Please..

I've blogged previously about my personal experience with people who are geographically challenged. From now on, when I encounter a geographical error made, I will post the instance. So, there will be more of these coming your way.

I was having dinner in Lincolnton with friend Matt Lawing, and his friends. One of them served in the marines and was telling stories of his overseas experience. He said, "There's this place called Korea, where you can get this rice wine, called sak
e." Eh, same area, good enough right?

No. The bad part was that only Matt's girlfriend seemed to notice the geographical error, because she snickered after she saw me shake my head. I've always thought that it was fairly common knowledge to know that sake is of Japanese origin. I don't expect people to know capitals of small, irrelevant countries, or whether if Europe is a country or not, but I might be asking for too much.