Friday, August 29, 2008

Our End of the Stick

Having participated in SGA my first 2 years here at Charlotte, I'm familiar with our place on the funding totem pole of the UNC System. Which is near the bottom, although the size of our student body is near the top. But it has never been brought up in class up until yesterday. Professor Brynn informed the class that Charlotte students (per capita) are allocated one of the least amount of funding in the system. He added that he hopes this will change in the next 100 years.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Battle for the Hornet's Nest

Apparently, it's been cancelled, and Davidson and Charlotte will not meet for the first time in 29 years. I haven't seen anything on the internet that confirms this fact, but the source that I saw the news is a reliable one. That's terrible, it's our (Charlotte) only long-standing rivalry, and I still remember my first experience at this game. I believe we won a close game, double overtime I think in 2005.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Domestic Destinations Wish List

I'm thinking ahead to Christmas, Spring, or Summer break, of places that I would like to visit for the first time. Of course, these places would be in the continental U.S., because I have no money. This dream would be realized only if I find a job while I'm at school.

Seattle, WA- I don't know why, but I've always wanted to visit Seattle. It's like a poor man's Tokyo. Whereas Tokyo has Mt. Fuji, Seattle has Mt. Ranier overlooking it. The city has quite an Asian population too. This would be more ideal for Christmas break.

Los Angeles, CA- Just because I've never been. The stopover at LAX in 2003, where I managed to get Keanu Reeves' autograph does not count. Plus the weather is mild year-round.

Panama City, FL- I consider myself a normal college student, and I feel left out because I've never been to Spring Break Central.

Las Vegas, NV- I still think Sin City is gross, but hey, I've never been. How can I make a judgment about that place/lifestyle if I've never experienced it. I'm a timid soul, so you can find me playing nickel and dime machines, and cashing out early. A friend went recently, and he had so many crazy stories from Vegas that I found intriguing.

Aspen, CO- Same reasons that Harry and Lloyd wanted to go.

San Francisco, CA- Ah, Full House and McCovey Cove. I also want to visit the Sea Lions at that one pier.

Well, that's that. Not asking for too much, eh? Let me think of International Destinations next.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Neat Picture

Ok, this is will be one of the last blog posts about my trip. Below is one of the best pictures I took on the trip. As we walked onto the Tarmac to board the Boracay-bound Cebu Pacific plane, tourists decided to take pictures with the plane, for it was a colorful, cute airplane. Then, the grounds crew started posing as well, and urged the tourists to be photographed with them.

So three Australian tourists did, and the hilarity ensued. Oh, and Cebu Pacific was one of the best domestic airlines I've ever rode on. Sorry JetBlue.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Still obsessed
Originally uploaded by cldizon09
It was the prettiest place I've ever been to and I forgot to blog about it. My cousin, his best friend and I went for 3 days and 2 nights and it was beautiful. It was an hour ride by airbus from Ninoy Aquino Airport in Manila to Taniclan. Followed by a 5 minute tricycle ride, then a 10 minute ferry ride and another 10 minute tricycle ride to the town proper. I'm sure the nightlife is bopping as well, but we visited during the "rainy season" and it was during the middle of the week, where the lowest rates are available.

I do wish that the area was better maintained that it is. Garbage litter the beachfront, and that is a shame.

There were tourists from Korea, Australia, the U.K. and a couple of Americans.

We did the usual tourist thing: snorkeling, island hopping, etc. so I'm not going into much detail about that. I would have been completely content in just sitting by that clear, blue water all day.

Here is a photo of an outrigger canoe, solely powered by the wind.


I'm asleep by 9 pm (Eastern), wake up at midnight, fall back to sleep by 3 am, and awake by 9 am. Ugh, good thing I'm off from work for a couple of days or I could commit an error. We got the house that we wanted! Finally!!! I'm off campus!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to Reality

I was living a dream while I was in the Philippines. I woke up, had breakfast served, my bed was made while I ate, then we'd have some sort of fun excursion. Manila was an hour and a half away,and the beach was an hour ride. I never lifted a finger since my aunt had two maids who did the laundry everyday, and cleaned up after every meal.

I was really tempted not to come back, but here I am anyway. School starts on the 25th, and my friends got the house we wanted. I'm not exactly on the lease yet, as I was unavailable to send necessary documents. That's a plus, I finally make it off campus after 2 years of trying to.

School should be exciting, and I have 3 semesters left of it. I'm definitely the OMOC- Old Man on Campus, when I finally walk. Then it's off to grad school. I might be able to do a cool fall or spring break since I have all these Reward Miles. But for now, I'm dealing with heartache and jet lag.