Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fred T. Foard High Football

I don't really keep up with my alma mater ever since I walked the stage in 2005. I actually tried to avoid any events concerning Fred T. Foard High, but unfortunately I have since been dragged to two football games and half of my sister's graduation ceremony.

But I heard that the Tigers boast a 7-1 record and tied for 1st place in the conference. Wow, first of all congratulations. The whole time I attended high school at Foard (2001-2005), we won a total of 5 games, so the 2008 Tigers already eclipsed that.

Had they been in the old conference with Crest and Burns, I doubt that they would ever see 1st place in the Conference. We faced so much talent and speed back then. We faced the anchor on the U.S. Men's 4x100 Relay, an All-SEC defender in Gator Brandon Spikes and solid contributor to the Vols passing attack, Josh Briscoe.

Had they been in old Southwest 3A Conference, the best case scenario for them would be 3rd place.

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Level of Dorkiness

I'm a geek. I just tried to cover it up in the past, but now, who cares? I'm not going into detail of all the dorky things I've done, but this might be one of them.. I played the hell out of the Final Fantasies that were available on the Playstation, spending 80 hours on a single campaign of Final Fantasy 7 alone. This was from age 14-17. It's been years since I've started a whole game, and I miss it.

So I "bought" the soundtrack for the S Generation (Those on PS1), composed by Nobuo Uematsu. And hearing it brings about some nostalgia of a simpler time and place. Pretty dorky. Even dorkier, I got a copy of Uematsu's band, the Black Mages who incorporate Rock into his tracks. Yep, I'm going to be single for a while.

Here's a clip with an orchestra, it's amazing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Wow, what a great movie. Slow by today's standards, but everyone can relate to it. Hey, there are still love triangles today, right? Anyway, it's weird that this movie came out 66 years ago, and just about everyone from this movie is deceased.

I witnessed all those memorable quotations that have become iconic in today's culture. Humphrey Bogart's character was a badass, and Ingrid Bergman was beautiful.

The instructor played the movie and left because she was sick, and so many people left without finishing this movie. That is a shame. Instead of watching an all-time great, they're watching Super Troopers or something.
"We'll always have Paris", Rick said. I hate to mention Lost in Translation again, but to me, there's a small amount of Casablanca in that movie. Rather than Bob and Charlotte always having Paris, they'll always have Tokyo.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Best Things about North Carolina

So things aren't looking so good in North Carolina and the U.S. in general as of late. A friend and I discussed places that we would flee to if and when situations do worsen. He mentioned Canada meanwhile I was thinking anywhere in East Asia.

I guess I would miss North Carolina, having spent 13 years here. I always tell my relatives that it's not worth visiting us here, and instead meet us in NYC or L.A. Sounds harsh, right? Well, I've moved around quite a few times in my life.. not as much as an army brat, but more than a regular person. There are things that I would miss besides the friends and memories I've made, but I think my family would share the same sentiments except my little brother because he practically lived here most of his life.

Well, is the tentative list:

Sweet Tea- Love it. It managed to pry me away from the strictly water diet since I've been craving it alot lately.

Southern Hospitality- Hey at least rednecks are nice.. to my face.

ACC Basketball- Love or hate them, they are usually relevant to the rest of College Basketball. Although not a fan of any team in the conference, they are worth following. It has been down lately, but I used to remember when they would send 6 or 7 teams to the NCAA Tournament. Nobody hates a bad, irrelevant team.

Low Cost Standard of Living- You take it for granted.

Geography- Relatively short distance to the mountains and the beach.

Banking/Financial Center- Oh, how could I forget? Never mind.

Weather- It could be worse..

State Motto- Esse Quam Videri.. sounds wise, right?

Good Roads- Once again, taken for granted until traveling a third world country. Or New Jersey.