Thursday, November 27, 2008

America Gets Rick-Rolled

This absolutely made my Thanksgiving. Nobody saw this coming, so for everyone at the Parade and the millions watching on television.. we got Rick Rolled! I immediately twittered about this, but I was beaten to the punch by a matter of seconds by PhillyD and CLTblog, as their entries about the rick-roll show up before mine did. Well, I'm thankful for Rick Astley!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Foreign Insight

I stumbled upon a blog entry that had an interesting story. A Korean student in the Philippines offers his view on why struggles and remain poor. He observed that the Philippines has yet to rise because filipinos do not love their country enough. That Filipinos needed to love their neighbors and country through God's love. Korea managed to rise out of its ashes because expatriates came back with knowledge and education, and shared it with their countrymen, and that Koreans loved their country.

That's the condensed version, and it makes sense to me. I grew up around filipinos who wanted to improve their lives, and that meant they had to leave the country. My own mother worked as a nurse in Kuwait while my sister and I were little because she would not be paid well at home. I'm sure expatriates send remittances back home, but only to their immediate and extended families.. which is honorable. Yet, I have yet to hear of instances of successful Filipinos overseas, coming back to the Philippines and make a difference..

And when I mean successful, Filipinos ranked 2nd to Asian Indians in per household income, according to the 2004 U.S. Census Bureau, page 19 of the pdf file. Surely, filipinos have the capability to be successful everywhere BUT at home. I'm sure there are other underlying causes as to why that is.. Brain Drain is a possibility.

But I don't blame them. My parents worked hard for us to be able to move to the U.S., and we have been successful here, as with many others. This is a complicated issue, but I thought I would bring it up.

I love my country regardless.. the rest of my family is there, the experiences there have made me who I am today, but I would also like for it to succeed.

Journey into Asia

Just got back from the Chapel Hill/Durham area because of the Journey into Asia show, and its ensuing afterparty. It was a good time, and I enjoyed the show. Acts that stuck out included: Naya Andaz by Duke University's Defining Movement Troupe, Ek Taal by UNC, and NC State's Fusion Dance team, to name a few. Back to the Duke presentation, I noticed that one of the dancers looked familiar.. it came to me later, that he's the guy from My New Haircut: Asian Edition. Pretty cool.

I wish UNC-Charlotte could have contributed to the show, and speaking of which, when I asked off from work two weeks ago to attend the show, I completely forgot about the Blackout Clemson Game at Halton Arena on the same night! And we ended up losing by 1 point.. another Home-game heartbreak.

I noticed that some people in the audience were recording the performances, so I'm sure they will be up on Youtube or Facebook sometime soon.

But, we are having Asia Day here on campus in April, and maybe if we work hard and cooperate, we can put on a good show.

Props to the Asian Student Association of UNC for putting on a good show.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sushi Night Revisited

Prior to the usual Sushi night on Wednesdays, the President of ASA wanted us to invite everybody in the organization. He thought we were off doing our own thing, but in reality, we were just a group of friends who also happened to be in ASA. So the numbers for last Wednesday doubled that of the previous one... Yes, it took forever to get food. Thanks to Kabuto for having the patience.

..As stated before, it started out with just me and Marcus.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

UNCC Football

The UNC-Charlotte Board of Trustees voted on Football today, and it passed.. unanimously. 49er football kicks off in 2013, and more importantly, student fees start increasing by $25 per semester in 2010.Whew, just missed. I'm holding on to that $25.

Well, the day finally came. I credit this to all the student led organizations that continued to push for football
. This includes SGA who polled the student body, the Charlotte Football Initiative and the supportive student body. I want to include the Feasibility Committee, but I think there was a single, solitary student involved.

If I'm within 250 miles of Charlotte, I will attend that first home opener.

Student Organizations

I've already mentioned before that for me, joining the Asian Student Association has paid dividends for me. I have made alot of friends, with the same and different heritage as me. The filipinos within ASA have been talking about starting a Filipino Student Association, with me as President. I envision a small, yet effective group of students, with me promoting news and issues as well as our culture to every meeting.

This idea might sound great, but I am actually torn about it. We would not number over than 10 people at any given meeting, and I personally would rather spend energy in making the Umbrella Organization (ASA), bigger and more dynamic. But apparently, a Constitution is being drafted for this upcoming student organization.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Guiness World Record (Unofficially)

Well, my brother and his singles opponent left the court at 7 pm today, setting the World Record of 31 minutes of play. Of course they were alotted 5 minutes of rest per hour, and 2 minutes in between matches, but the constant play and lack of sleep took its toll.

By the time I arrived at the Hickory YMCA this morning at 10, my brother's lower leg was already taped, and his opponent Kurt's forearm was also wrapped in AceWrap. At times, I did not think Kurt would make it, as he winced after every stroke. The key was to play in a leisurely, but seemingly competitive level for the attempt to be legitimate.

What's more impressive is the doubles teams seeking its respective record.. of 50 HOURS! They started the same time as my brother's attempt and will finish by Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. These doubles players are also older, upper 30's and 40's and I wish them much luck. A few hours before I arrived, a pair seeking the singles record showed up at the YMCA and began to play. In everyone's opinion, they were playing too intensely at the beginning to last that 31 hours needed. These guys were also older, and not at my brother's fitness level. I'm sure they'll fail/have failed.

The last part of this attempt is the validation.. Witnesses (several needed) are to be interviewed, and footage must be examined to ensure that players adhered to the parameters of the world record attempt. Can't wait, and much luck to the doubles squad!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Brother's World Record Attempt

My 16 year-old brother will try to break the Guinness World Record of 30 hours and 30 minutes of playing nonstop singles tennis. Of course, he has a partner, and another pair of players are attempting to break the doubles record. This attempt will begin tomorrow night and end Sunday afternoon, and will hopefully raise money for the YMCA's old courts.

I will show my support from Saturday morning til early afternoon. I'm excited for my brother, and it would be my claim to fame, "My brother is a Guinness World Record Holder." There will be medical personnel present, and my brother is in exceptional shape.

But I can't help but think about that South Korean man who died of exhaustion after 50 plus hours of playing video games. He was young, at 24, but I'm unsure of his physical condition.

Last Look at Decision '08

100 million people watched the Election coverage... India.

Compared to 60 million here in the U.S. I guess they had more at steak during these elections than we did?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama Follow Up

Yesterday's rally was apparently very successful. It rained prior, but not during Obama's appearance, and the crowd was estimated at 10,000-12,000 people!

I'm glad that the community cared enough to show up despite the weather, and were willing to take the shuttle to campus from Verizon Wireless Ampitheater and other locations. It is a historic election, and the enthusiasm reflects that.

I cannot wait to see the final turnouts for this election. I'm guessing an optimistic 60 percent.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Obama at UNCC!

Wow, what an opportunity! First Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel and now, Barack Obama. I hope that his event gets an enormous turnout, and whether students like him or not, partake in this historical election. Alas, I could not get off of work!

I heard from a professor that the University Area is a "swing" location, and can determine the entire state of North Carolina's electoral votes. Joe Biden was here a week ago, and as mentioned before, Obama tomorrow at 5:30 (it will be later than that), but neither Palin nor McCain has stopped by..

I think I'm going to regret not coming to this event. Damn work.