Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things To See in England

My dream of a summer trip to England is becoming more of a reality. I can't wait. I don't have very long there, and I want to maximize my experience. So here are the places that I want to see in the London area, if I can manage to shake off jetlag..

1. The Usual Tourist Destinations aka London Bridge, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace-well no shit..

2. The Globe Theater- I am ignorant when it comes to Shakespeare, but I am interested in social activities of old. Although the original burnt down, I'd still love to see it and would be a great photo-op.

3. Cabinet War Rooms- WWII museum. Once served as Churchill's bunker.

4. Stonehenge- not in London or surrounding areas, I know. It's also a typical tourist spot. But I am really intrigued about Stonehenge, and how it was assembled and purpose..

And if I can pull something out of my sleeve, I will take the chunnel to France..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Perpsectives Change

I presented the following concept of how Perspectives Change with the passage of time on certain historical events yesterday in class. My subject was the Battle of the Somme, and the time intervals were opinion during WWI, the 1960's-70s and the 1980's-90's.

The general opinion about WWI during its time was rather positive and has been referred to as the "Heroic Period" and during the 1960's-70's is when differing opinions begin to form and some people begin their questioning. Lastly, the last period is when people are free to form conflicting opinions about the Somme.

In an article from 1916, The Battle of the Somme described to be epic. The article praised the bravery of the British soldiers and their unwavering committment to trudge on. The column went on to say that the Somme would be held in the same regard as Waterloo, as one of the greatest victories in British history.

In another article from the same London Times but published in 1966, the tone had changed. It was far less enthusiastic and states that German shortcomings had an equal effect on the outcome of the battle than British prowess.

The last article from 1980 describes how the scars from that battle were beginning to heal. This article was from the very same London Times that once mentioned the Somme along with Waterloo. However, the tone has drastically changed. The article refers to the battle as "an Everst of horrors" and a "military folly."

Perspectives change as time progresses, and sometimes drastically. While in the present, we have the luxury of 20/20 hindsight. This phenomenon can be applied to something that is happening in current times, and will be highly criticized in the future.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brett Favre

I never thought that I would sink to this level and join the speculation of his retirement or new team for the upcoming season. I know alot of people are sick and tired of having to hear this on the sports news too, and that's why I didn't chime in last year. The coverage he got was sickening. I remember reading a headline saying that due to some less than stellar practice session, Favre ran windsprints with his fellow teammates.

So here is my opinion, and I will spare reader(s) the trouble and no longer speak of it again. I wish him luck, but please retire and stay there, I do not want to hear about him for long time.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More About Twitter

Thanks to tweetdeck, along with some context clues, I finally figured out what the "RT" stands for in tweets. Duh Carl, it means Re-Tweet. When you come upon a tweet that you find interesting or just worthy of being seen by your followers, you type "RT" and indicate the user who originally tweeted it. It's the unwritten rule in the tweeting world to prevent Intellectual Property Theft. This whole process of re-tweeting reminds me of writing a paper, and making in-text citations and footnotes.

If you think getting caught for plagiarism while in school was bad. Steal someone's tweet. I dare you. You will rue the day you didn't take the extra 10 seconds to acknowledge the original tweeter. This is theft! And you will be subjected to the twitter equivalent of Draconian punishment. You will be ex-communicated, and as soon as the "Unfollow" button is clicked, then you have sealed your fate..

So remember tweeters, don't go down that dark road, for there is no coming back.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Hangover

First of all, it was funny. Really funny, loaded with strange situations that adds on to the comedy. But, do movies have to stoop that low to get a laugh? Seriously? I think Forgetting Sarah Marshall kicked the gate down on restricting what is seen on the screen, and The Hangover walked right through it. Male nudity is in I guess. But as these movies get raunchier and raunchier, we will only get more and more used to the raunch, and need something truly low-brow in order to get a laugh.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Right Argument for G.O.A.T.

By winning the French Open, Federer not only tied Pete Sampras and complete the elusive career slam, he also validated having his name in the GOAT discussions (Greatest of all Time). Today's commentators, John McEnroe and Mary Carillo had differing opinions about Federer's place in tennis history: To McEnroe, Federer is the greatest and Carillo would like to reserve hers for when Nadal's career is over. I think that most tennis experts or even casual fans like myself agree with their perspectives: as of now they acknowledge Federer as the greatest, but would be ready to resume discussion when Nadal's career culminates.

And back to the bane of my tennis existence, Nadal.. I don't hate him as much as I used to. I guess his determination, work ethic, desire to win and off-court class has grown on me. Wow, typing that previous sentence was very difficult. Well, maybe its the outfit change. Who knew that less fabric (no more capris) here and more fabric there (opting with sleeves) make him less annoying. What's worse than his former outfit? Kids emulating it.

Well enough of Nadal. He's in Mallorca relaxing, and has a big physical exam on his knee tomorrow. That is something to keep be aware of, how long can he keep up his pounding movement on courts..

Today is Roger Federer's day to celebrate, what a champion.