Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Duke vs Charlotte

I was among the many who thought that although our chances to win were not great, we could still put on a good show by playing fundamental ball and hustling. It's not often that the 49ers get to play on ESPN, against a perennial ACC and National championship (but not recently) contender and I was hoping to we could exhibit good heart and hustle, but it did not happen.

But I'm used to it. I've been attending their games since the fall of '05 and although the faces have changed, their game has not. I'm sure this is all part of Coach Lutz's philosophy: live and die by the three. Although I'm not a basketball expert, I watch enough to tell whether a team is playing good fundamental ball or not, and the 49ers clearly were not last night. Better luck next time, right?

At least we managed to reiterate our talent level over UNC-Asheville. At least we were getting man-handled by a perennial basketball power with a great tradition. We would have only let Tennessee beat us by 40 points..