Sunday, March 25, 2012

Why South Carolina is Third World

Yes, I know that term is a bit dated, you call them "Lesser Developed Countries" or LDCs within formal discourse.. something this blog will never be. Anyway, this is just playful ribbing towards our neighbors, the Palmetto state that displays some characteristics of LDCs.

  • It is cheaper there - Items are generally cheaper below the border, most notably gas, and what self respecting North Carolinian doesn't stock up on gas while passing thru the state? Property taxes are cheaper, so many that work in the Charlotte area decide to live there. No different from when you are traveling through an LDC and you stock up on items that you found there for much cheaper like local foods and crafts.
  • People go there to get things they cannot in NC - Most notably fireworks. And if you don't believe me, take a look at all the seasonal firework stores that pop up during the 4th of July season close to the border that cater specifically to North Carolinians. Similar to Americans flocking to Mexico for cheap prescription medication.
  • Backwards with some social issues - The confederate flag still flies at the statehouse in Columbia. Now, I do understand that a confederate flag is not a symbol of racism and oppression - but of history and states' rights as well. However, are there other states that fly a confederate flag at the state capitol? No, and although Alabama's flag resembles the stars and bars and it is incorporated into Mississippi's.. they do not fly it at the capitol! 
  • Myrtle Beach
The Confederate Flag flies at the SC state capitol since 2000.
At least South Carolina boasts one of the most beautiful cities in America - Charleston, a charming southern city.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

iPhone 4s Photos from Sosua

One of the main reasons aside from battery life that I switched from Droid to iOS is arguably the best camera in the market, and it certainly did not disappoint! Below are some photos from the DR and whilst in transit.

Sunrise en route to Miami

Nothing like having scuba gear packed to give away your destination.

The waters off the Bahamas.

Good morning sosua!

Single rainbow, not nearly as intense.

Different view.

View from Mike and Justin's room, and for only $55 a night.

Infamous cable ride, it goes down a looong way. The red tower is close to the halfway point.

Into the jungle.. felt like Drake from Uncharted.

Unsure of what this creature was.

Presently, the camera of the iPhone 4s is more than capable of being the primary camera for any trip. Add to the fact that you can quickly upload those photos from a WiFi hotspot while abroad (and presumably away from 3G or LTE), and no wonder sales for point-and-shoots have dipped. My next camera purchase will probably be an SLR for my future trips abroad, but you know I'll have my iPhone 4s handy.