Thursday, March 20, 2014

Last Day in Peru

The last day in Peru was a whirlwind. Jumping from one activity to another and catching a late night flight back to the US. I started my day riding waves in Miraflores. I was exhausted by the time I returned to the Westin around noon and was informed by Mike about our full agenda for the day. We were to have lunch at Pescados Capitales with the head honcho of Duke energy's Peru operations, then attend a Super bowl party. Yes, an American football party in Lima - we met an american expat through another Duke employee and were invited. We couldn't turn that down, but it was easily a 2.5 hour commitment for lunch then another 4 hours for the game. In the midst of all the social calls were picking up gifts for friends and family along with packing for a Pan-american flight.

The Duke energy boss picked us up from the Westin at around 1 PM to take us to Pescados Capitales, a restaurant that was highly recommended by the Peruvian duke workers. The restaurant's theme is the seven deadly sins, with the entree names corresponding with each of the sins. The name itself - pescados capitales is a play on the spanish words for sins and fish. And it was one of the best restaurant experiences I have ever had. It seems that Peru kept topping itself with the cuisine. For photos, I will have to refer you to Mike's blog.

The Menu featuring the sin-centric items

After a long lunch, Raul, the Duke energy boss kindly drove us to a grocery store to find presents for home. I decided that the best present I could bring from Peru was its native liquor, Pisco - made from grapes and is the key ingredient in the "pisco sour" drink. Then it was back to the Westin to hurriedly pack. Amidst the frantic packing, I lost an SD card which had easily 100 photos of the dunes in Huacachina. Luckily, the majority of the photos were taken by my trusty iPhone 4S, its 4th international journey with me. Afterwards, we were in a cab with my luggage in tow to a super bowl party.

Watching American football in the Lima suburbs was a bizarre experience. The host missed the experience of grilling and talking about the game with friends and having 2 fellow americans over who were passionate about the game brought a sense of nostalgia to him. However, it was funny to see the people who had knowledge about the game explain it to the ones who had no clue of what was transpiring on the field. And I don't blame them. To a foreigner, American football or gridiron is just a bunch of big people wrestling, falling down, pausing then wrestling again. That was my view of the sport when I first moved to the US.

Following an anti climactic game, it was time to say farewell to Peru. To be safe, I wanted to arrive at Jorge Chavez Int'l 3 hours before the flight. After a lengthy queuing and document signing process, I boarded the plane. Right before takeoff, the rigors of the long day finally hit me and I drifted off to sleep - which is impressive, I am always tense during takeoff, clenching the armrest and praying. I awoke when the plane was already in US airspace over Florida. Soon enough, I would return to my normal life but  would not soon forget my Peru experience.